MW's "Insomnia Destroyer" Musical Self-Hypnosis Binaural Beats Track

$ 8.99

After years of development the self-hypnosis binaural beats are finally here!

MW's Insomnia Destroyer sleep hypnosis audio has arrived, and you can start using it IMMEDIATELY! Having sleeping problems? Not anymore.. solve your insomnia once and for all with this powerful and effective sleep hypnosis audio that teaches you and trains you to control your body and mind while guiding yourself into deep, fulfilling sleep. Teach yourself to achieve a lucid dreaming state and learn the art of self-hypnosis and self-conditioning while listening to this potent binaural audio track. 

Learning self-hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool and effective for all kinds of issues. Learn to hypnotize yourself into relaxation, learning to let go of worry and stress, and teaching your body how to relax at your command! This audio track will change your life. 

What others have said about the hypnosis track:
"MW's hypnosis is the shit. The first time I tried it, I didn't even make it through the full thing before falling asleep. And it's continued to work quite well for me in the times I've used it since then.

When you listen to it, you can actually feel your body slowly becoming more relaxed and gradually shutting down, even if you weren't really all that tired prior to listening to it. If you have any kind of sleep issues, I would highly recommend you give his hypnosis a shot."
- Tom

"I pass the fuck out in the middle of it and I wake up feeling really good and ready to rock and roll and make shit happen. It's working awesome for me. Thanks for this John, would never have tried it without your recomendation, initially thought hypnosis/self hypnosis was complete bullshit."
- Chris

"I used to be a fucking zombie without sleep. MW's insomnia destroyer saved my god damn life. No joke. So productive, on my shit, fuckin' bitties. Lovin' life."
- Alex O.

"That KNOCKED ME the hell out! I was so relaxed, It felt like I was paralyzed. It took a ton of effort to roll onto my side and pass out. I didn't realize how much stress I build up during the day, that keeps me from falling asleep."
- Rob

"Bump! If you fuckers haven't started doing this you're missing the fuck out.

Even though I'm an extremely saught after fitness coach, I've had psychological issues with holding a low body fat and tend to just gravitate back up.

Since doing this daily, my mental conditioning is on top. It's almost like I"m programmed to get leaner. I've been holding 7% body fat like a mother fucker effortlessly."
- Greg